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by J on September 8, 2010

Are you ready for something different on your walls? Perhaps you’ve tired of the look you currently have and are ready to change things up. Well, this technique will give you a rich, one-of-a-kind look with a minimum of fuss to get it. What is it? Paintable wallpaper.

Paintable wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns that when combined with your paint color of choice creates a wonderful, unique look. Readily available in home improvement stores or on online, paintable wallpaper is an economical way to simulate the look of more expensive décor.

Paintable wallpaper is available in numerous patterns and styles that mimic the look of tile, bead board wainscoting, frescoes and numerous other textures. Patterns are even available for the ceiling. The weights of the paper vary. Some are thin and may require a liner if your are applying them over unfinished or rough walls, while some of the paper is thicker and can go directly over even a paneled surface.

Pre-pasted Wallpaper

 Most of the paintable wallpaper is pre-pasted, although some people have found greater success if they use extra wallpaper paste or a pre-paste activator. Generally, paintable wallpaper is also scrubbable, so it will clean up with a light application of soap and water.

Painting Directions

After hanging the wallpaper, you should wait 24 hours before painting. Make sure the wallpaper is dry to the touch before you start. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying the paint, but generally a medium-nap roller works best. Use  a light hand when applying the paint, because you don’t want to get the wallpaper too wet, otherwise the paper may detach from the wall. You can apply up to five coats of paint before the texture of the wallpaper will be compromised, but you should not need that many coats. Stop when you feel the paper is uniformly covered and you are happy with the results.

If you are having your Maryland painters use a dark paint color, you will have better results if you first apply a coat of gray primer paint. You will need less paint to get the coverage you need if you first use the primer.

A brick-red paint applied to a highly textured wallpaper makes a stunning formal dining room. The wallpaper is not even detectable; rather it appears as if the texture is simply part of the wall.

If you love the idea of paintable wallpaper, but don’t want to mess with the actual installation, hire a local painting contractor to handle the work for you. Either way, you’ll have a eye-catching designer room at a fraction of the price.

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