Log Cabin Outdoor Decor

by J on August 31, 2010

Glimpsing the site of a log cabin home evokes feelings of serenity and a simple lifestyle. It’s hard to match the beauty of a cabin nestled in the woods or tucked beside a shimmering lake. Making your log home an extension of the outdoors around it can help your home seem less like an intrusion and more like just part of the landscape. Here are a few tips to help your cabin blend into the surroundings around it.

Log cabin

  1. Skip the chemicals. Perfect lawns aren’t usually found in natural settings. And using a host of chemicals and fertilizers to achieve that isn’t good for the ecosystem. Let your yard go more natural. Plant flowers and greenery that are native to the area and that won’t require so much maintenance. Perhaps try seeding part of your yard with a native wildflower mixture. You’ll have a gorgeous view, seeds for the birds and less lawn to mow.
  2. Attract birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects to your backyard by creating habitats for them. Contact a local nature center or cooperative extension if you need help to find out what is native to the area. Ask for a list of plants that will serve as host plants to the insects and will provide shelter and food for the birds. Remember to include water in your plans in the form of a small pond or birdbath.
  3. Extend your indoor living space to the outside with rustic decks and patios. Make use of the beautiful setting of your home and use it for relaxing and entertaining. Use natural building materials such as logs and stones. Consider adding a stone fireplace for outdoor cooking and parties. A home remodeling expert will be able to design an outdoor space for you that will fit into the nature around you. Accent the space with pots filled with creeping vines and rustic outdoor furniture. Country Critter specializes in indoor and outdoor furniture for log cabins.
  4. Plant a vegetable garden. Whether you have one small raised bed or you plant a large garden, growing some of your own food is healthy and economical. If you have children, instructing them to tend to a garden allows for many teaching opportunities between parent and child.
  5. Incorporate as many natural materials as possible into your hardscaping projects.  Use rustic material for fencing, rocks from your property to create a rock garden or to line a garden or path and install a wooden swing set instead of a metal one.

Your log home builder should be able to give you information on locating other natural materials to use for your projects or even build them for you if they offer general contractor services. Enhance the natural beauty of your log cabin by assimilating it into your surroundings. Let nature be your decorator.

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