Innovative Kitchen Organization

by J on July 30, 2010

If every time you’re ready to cook a meal in the kitchen you have to wade through a mish mash of  food items and utensils all mixed together, you may be excited about an innovative line of organizers for the kitchen. These products all tuck away into your cabinets and will have you organized and ready to cook on a moment’s notice.

Alno USA is an importer of innovative cabinets from Germany. Their Cross-Line System will be a favorite for bakers and those who like gadgets. This wide pull-out drawer is organized into two parts. One side of the drawer is fitted to hold cutlery and a hodgepodge of gadgets. The other side contains an insert to hold spice jars, glass canisters and stainless steel bins, all of which neatly recesses into the cabinet when you’re finished.

This next option is perfect for those kitchens that have high, unreachable (therefore unusable) cupboards. Alno USA’s My Way line features pull-down wall storage. You simply open the cabinet door and the shelving unit inside pulls down for easy access and then pushes back up when you have what you need. What a perfect way to make use of some otherwise impractical cupboards.

If you have pets and would prefer not to have their messy food bowls sitting out in the kitchen all the time, you will love this design from Alno USA’s Innovation series. Their pet cabinet features a hidden storage pull-out drawer that holds both the food and water bowls. It is designed to fit into the toe-kick space under your cabinets. It’s a neat and convenient way to handle feeding time each day.

Parents who are trying to get a meal together for the family will appreciate this offering from Armstrong’s KidZone line.  It features a kid-sized, pull-out work surface (think small desk) where a child can draw, paint, play with clay or any other activity right in the kitchen while mom and dad are working. It also features paper storage and built-in trays with two wire storage bins to contain toys and craft supplies. If you position this at one end of your counter, your child will be not be underfoot yet will be happily occupied within your reach.

For information on installing these products, contact your local home improvement expert. You can also visit this Web site to view pictures.

Take advantage of these innovative products on the market the next time you tackle a kitchen remodeling project. It will make your kitchen time less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

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