Carpet Trends

by J on July 22, 2010

If you fear that carpets have fallen out of style due to the popularity of hardwood flooring, you can put that fear to rest. Carpet has reemerged as a fashionable choice for homeowners. This could be due in part to the new line of kid-friendly and eco-friendly carpets that are flooding the market. It could also be because many people just love the warm, cushy feel of carpet.

Today’s Trends

If you haven’t looked for carpeting lately, then you may be surprised at the colors. Beside the customary neutrals, today’s colors are bold and bright. The surge of popularity in Tuscany styles, old-world styles and modern décor consequently leads to a surge in the number of strong carpet colors needed to complement these looks. Vibrant blues, rusts, oranges and chocolates are some of the shades that you’ll find at the carpet manufacturers’ showrooms.

Another popular trend is carpets with lots of visual interest. Exciting textures and interesting patters are popping up in family rooms and bedrooms everywhere. Stroll through your local carpet store, and you’ll see different types of yarn systems, tone-on-tone prints, looped carpet and tip shears. Carpet tiles are another smart find for floors. Versatile to the nth degree, you can mix and match them for a unique look. Try piecing several together to carpet the whole room or just use a few to create an area rug.

Carpet for Kids

Carpets have gotten even more kid-friendly with new lines like Kathy Ireland’s Kathy’s Kids and The Young Attitudes, which are geared to children and teens. The kids love the colors—like Blueberry Pie, Sour Apple and Lemon Orchard—and parents love the durability, stain-resistance and the price tag. It’s easy to create a room bursting with the color and style that kids crave. Your local home renovation expert should be able to help with lots of decorating ideas for kids’ rooms.


If you’re worried about having to check your eco-friendly hat at the manufacturer’s door when you purchase carpet, think again.  Anso Nylon is one example of a carpet that is both beautiful and sustainable. This line of carpet is made from recycled materials; they stand up to wear-and-tear and come with a lifetime warranty.

As always, carpeting is a smart pick. It’s cheaper than the other flooring choices and is a natural insulator and the best at absorbing sound. Also, your home improvement professional can easily install it for you. Add to that the endless colors, textures and patterns, and you have a flooring option that just makes sense.

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