Specialty Replacement Windows

by J on July 21, 2010

We often think of the windows in our houses in terms of how energy efficient they are. We all know that by installing these newer-technology windows, we can often save on our utility bills. Windows, however, can also be considered from a purely esthetic vision. If you would like to create a distinctive look for your house by using windows, then consider a line of specialty replacement windows that boast some serious style.

Specialty windows are usually not operable, but are installed for esthetic purposes only. Homeowners will often mix and match these with operable windows to create an artistically pleasing style. Most manufacturers carry these types of windows, and your local general contractor will be able to help you select and obtain the right windows for your home. One such line of windows is the Renewal line by Anderson. This line offers 13 different innovative styles:

  • Chord window
  • Circle top
  • Quarter circle
  • Circle window
  • Springline
  • Right triangle
  • Peak pentagon
  • Octagon
  • Triangle
  • Equal leg arch
  • Trapezoid
  • Hexagon
  • Pentagon

Within this selection of windows, you have further choices of colors, grille patterns and glass options. For example, the Renewal line offers five exterior maintenance-free colors and seven interior colors to choose from that are designed to match or complement your house. You also have a wide variety of grille patterns and finishes. Grilles are usually made from hardwood or aluminum and are what divide the panes of glass into sections.

Additionally, you have some choices when it comes to the actual glass selection. Anderson offers the option of patterned glass over plain glass. You may also decide to add additional tint to the windows. And finally, you may purchase tempered glass. Tempered glass is a safety glass, which is four times stronger than regular glass. This may be a wise consideration for you, especially if you live in severe storm prone areas.

If you’re interested in exploring the option of specialty replacement windows, contact a local home improvement company. They will be able to draw up some unique design ideas for your approval and guide you through the selection process. You’ll soon have a window that’s not only beautiful to gaze out, but also beautiful to behold.

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