Carpentry Home Improvement Projects

by J on July 20, 2010

Homeowners often look for ways to distinguish their houses and to put their own personal design stamp on where they live. It helps to have the skills and the time to be able to take on home improvement projects and finish them with aplomb. If you’re handy with wood, carpentry projects are one way that you can make your house stand out from the rest.

On the inside of the house, custom built cabinets can be the focal point of any room.  Whether you’re building your own cabinets or hiring a general contractor to do it for you, you can be as creative with sizing and layout as you want. Perhaps in your home you need cabinets that are higher or lower or bigger than the standard sizes. Or maybe you need a wall full of customized cabinets for your home office or business. Having the freedom to make these decisions is one of the perks of being or hiring a carpenter.

Have you been looking for an entertainment center to match your furniture? Consider building one.  Purchasing the wood through a lumberyard or mart will enable you to build a piece that will complement your existing furniture.

Hiring a general contractor to finish the trim work in your home can also help create a more polished look. Crown molding, chair rail trim and other trim work will make people take a second look as they walk through a room. It creates some visual interest in an otherwise boring room.

If you have a pop-out bay window, why not design a built-in bench under the window and then fill in with comfy cushions to create a small reading nook? Or, alternatively, you could build a cedar chest and stash it in the space under the window, using it for extra storage.

Of course, carpentry skills can be put to good use outside too. Adding on a new upper or lower deck can create a fresh entertainment space or a special private retreat for relaxing. Surround your yard with a fence and you’ll have a safe spot for the kids and Fido to play without worries.

Finally, if you have any gardeners in the family, they’ll appreciate a potting bench or shed to use as they work through the gardening season.

Making use of your carpentry skills or hiring a general contractor to do some special jobs for you can take your home from status quo to spectacular.

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