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by J on July 19, 2010

Local moving can be a real headache. Most people hate to go to the expense of hiring a big moving company just to relocate across town. Your other options don’t sound so appealing either.  Who wants to rent the rickety do-it-yourself moving truck and hope and pray it doesn’t break down in the middle of your move? Or, finally, you can try to recruit family and friends to help you pack up and move the heavy, awkward stuff in their trucks, vans and cars. But maybe your dad now has a bad back, and your friends aren’t answering your calls–because you’ve moved one too many times over the last few years!

Fortunately, there is now another option on the moving horizon. Portable storage and moving container companies are becoming a popular choice among homeowners. These companies specialize in uncomplicated moving and storage solutions for homeowners and businesses.

Many of these storage and moving businesses specialize in ground-level containers on wheels. These containers come in sizes of about 8 feet and 16 feet, and the companies deliver them right to your home. Since they are on wheels, you can wheel them from room to room, and, even better, you can rent them for as long as you need them. If you want to take your time packing up, you can rent them for as many weeks or months as you desire and then call the company when you are done. They come back to your house, pick up the containers and deliver your goods to your new address. Nothing could be easier.

If your new place isn’t ready yet, and you have to temporarily relocate, you can usually just have the company store your belongings on their site until your move-in date.  Basically, self storage companies allow you the convenience of working around your schedule—you’re not tied to the moving van’s schedule.

If a local move is in your future, check out the possibility of using a portable storage and moving company. It could be your easiest move yet!

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