Garage Re-do

by J on June 28, 2010

Garages are a useful room of the home to store all your lawn equipment, tools, bikes and, of course, cars. If you find yourself bursting at the seams in your house, however, you may want to think a bit outside the box concerning your garage. Is it possible that this space would actually be more useful for something else?

If adding on another room to your home just isn’t feasible right now, it may be that the answer to your space dilemma lies in your garage. If using it for your cars isn’t a necessity for you, you may want to consider remodeling your garage and repurposing it. Let’s consider some of the ways you could use your garage.

  • A home office. If you work frequently from home, it may be that you are outgrowing the corner of the bedroom or family room that you have your office set up in. Or, it might be that trying to run your business in the midst of your busy household just isn’t working out so well. How about remodeling the garage into a home office? Most garages are usually wired for electricity, so you are already one step ahead. Bring out a home improvement company to take a look at your space to see what it would take to put in drywall, a floor and ceiling. Discuss your needs as far as storage cabinets and any other built-ins you would need. Don’t forget to take into account how you would heat and cool this space as well. It might be that if you have a 2- or 3-car garage that you would only need to refinsh part of the space and could use the rest for your cars or outdoor equipment.
  • Family Room. Many families have found that remodeling their garage into a family room gives them some much needed space for entertaining or just hanging out. Be sure to take into account the wiring you’ll need for your audio-visual equipment and make sure you have a heating and cooling system appropriate for the space.
  • Studio. If your are an artist or a musician, garage space could easily be converted into a studio, which may help you take your art to the next level. When setting up a studio for a band, you’ll probably want your home remodeling expert to check into soundproofing the walls so that you aren’t driving your family and the neighbors crazy. Also, have an electrician make sure you have the appropriate wiring to handle all the instruments and sound equipment. An artist’s studio will be even easier to convert. Plan for the appropriate lighting and storage cabinets for all your supplies.

If you can afford to give up the garage space, remodeling the garage may be the solution to your indoor space dilemma.

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