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by J on June 16, 2010

Many of us have fond summer memories from childhood of rocking on the front porch at Grandma’s house sipping lemonade and crunching on cookies.  Growing up, it seemed that every house on the block had a front porch for visiting with family and friends who would drop by on a hot summer’s evening. Well, unfortunately, today’s more modern homes seem to have lost their front porches. These were dropped as front-facing garages became the norm, and backyard decks became popular as private retreats. Many homeowners are today making the choice to add on a front porch to their own homes, perhaps hearkening back to their childhoods and trying to recapture a sense of community.

Nostalgic appeal aside, adding a front porch to your home really ups the curb appeal. If you’re trying to sell your home, a home with a cozy front porch is much more appealing to potential buyers than one without.  A front porch automatically extends a welcome feeling to guests and is an inviting addition to a home.

A front porch is also a way to reconnect with your neighbors. While it may be hard to see you when you’re relaxing on your back deck, neighbors who are out for an evening stroll will be able to drop in for a chat when you’re relaxing on your front porch.

One of the complaints about porches from the past is that the wooden railings and balusters required regular maintenance and replacing when they started to peel or rot. Well, today’s construction contractors are able to use vinyl or composite material that does not have the deterioration problems of wood, but still looks like wood. It makes for much simpler upkeep and lasts for years.

Porches are also easy to fix into comfy, inviting spaces. The same type of outdoor living furniture that you use on your deck can also be used on the front porch. Couches, outdoor rugs and tables can all be used to advantage on the front porch. Why not add a nook to curl up in with your favorite book or take a nap in like Grandpa used to do on the “sleeping porch”?

A nice final touch would be to add lighting with a dimmer switch, a ceiling fan and outlets by the front door for holiday decorations.

To find a front porch plan that will work with the layout of your home, contact one of your local general contractors to go over your options. You’ll soon be introducing the fine art of rocking on the front porch to the next generation.

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