Retractable Awnings

by J on June 14, 2010

Patios and decks offer great outdoor entertaining options during the warm months of the year. From family dinners to holiday celebrations or just snuggling with your sweetie under the stars, there’s no denying our love affair with outdoor living spaces. Perhaps, however, your outdoor living space turns into a broiler under the hot morning or afternoon sunshine. If you’d like to be able to reclaim that space for all hours of the day, you may want to look into installing a retractable awning for your deck or patio.

Retractable awnings, as opposed to a stationary awning, give you the option of sun or shade. With the touch of a button (or a hand crank if you install a manual version), you can retract the awning all the way or part way. This comes in handy in the evening when you want to star gaze or during a thunderstorm.

Often times, however, the awning can be left up in a light rainstorm, allowing you to remain outside. As a rule of thumb, if the storm contains high winds, driving rain or lightning, you’ll want to retract the awning.

Interesting facts about retractable awnings:

  • Your retractable awning will not only have a noticeable difference on the temperature of your patio, but also on the temperature inside your home. For example, if your awning is directly outside your kitchen, then your kitchen will also be much cooler without the sun beating directly in the windows.
  • The awning will also protect your floors and indoor furniture from the harmful, fading rays of the sun. You won’t have to pull your shades or drapes anymore when your awning is open.
  • You may notice a decrease in your summer energy bill, because the awning  provides a barrier to the sun baking the room of your home.
  • You can choose an awning to match the color of your home. Your home improvement expert should be able to help you pick a size and style of awning that’s right for your home.

If you’ve gone to the time and expense of creating a beautiful outdoor living space, it makes sense to be able to use it when you want to—not when the sun dictates. Contact a general contractor who should be able to help you find a resource for a retractable awning and reclaim your patio or deck from the sun!

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