Beat the Remodeling Blues

by J on May 12, 2010

Drywall dust is flying, constant pounding is giving you a headache and nothing is where it once was. A major home improvement project can be stressful to say the least—especially one that drags on for weeks, months, or even longer. To help your family survive this major overhaul, you need to have a plan in place to live and work around the mess. Let’s consider a few key points that will help you beat the remodeling blues.

Simplify Meals

When you have a major mess in a room of your home—especially if that room is the kitchen—you need to simplify your meals. Right now you don’t have the luxury or the time to mess with complicated recipes and gourmet meals. Think fast, easy and healthy. If your kitchen is torn up, set up a makeshift kitchen somewhere else in the house and make out a list of some meals that you think will work. How about digging out your crockpot and making that the basis for several meals a week? You can prepare the meal in the morning and not worry about it again until it’s ready to eat.

The big roasting oven that you may only use at the holidays could become the best tool you’ve got, because it is an oven and you can bake in it—especially handy if you’re oven is kaput. In a pinch, put your food in the crockpot or roaster and plug it in outside in the garage. It will be out of the way while it cooks. Don’t forget about your grill for quick, healthy meals too.

Organize Your Schedules

When a room is out of commission at your house, everyday things can become difficult. You need to become a drill seargent and make sure everyone sticks to their schedule. For example, if you’re remodeling a bathroom, you will need to schedule shower times and getting-ready-for-school-and-work times in the remaining bathroom/s to avoid a major scramble in the mornings. Talk through the details to minimize the chaos.

Think Safety

If you’ve got small children or pets, you will need to consider the safety hazards the home remodeling project poses. Create safe play areas and try to cordon off the dangerous spots. Plan a trip to Grandma’s for a few days at the height of the mess to give you all a break. Be sure you pick up and put away dangerous tools and implements at the end of each day that little hands may find.

Reduce Other Expenses

Major projects have a way of blowing the budget, so try to cut back in other areas where you can. You may need to scale back or skip your vacation this year and reduce your other expendable spending. Rent movies instead of a pricey trip to the theater and use your library instead of buying the whole family new books.

Consolidate Your Things

If you’ve got your furniture piled up in other rooms to clear out the remodeled room, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. A storage unit will clear out the clutter and give you some breathing room in a house that probably seems suddenly smaller. Storage containers can be stored on your property or at the facility.

A little planning ahead may be just the thing that saves your sanity and helps you beat the remodeling blues!

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