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by J on April 21, 2010

As you enjoy the warm breezes of spring, you may be thinking of how nice it would be to enjoy them from a sunroom. If you’ve always dreamed of adding on a sunroom to your home, now is the time to capitalize on that dream while you have the whole summer and fall stretching before you to enjoy it.

Adding a sunroom to your home is a great way to open up additional living space without having to go to the expense of adding on a full room addition. Sunrooms are constructed from various building materials including brick, wood, glass and sometimes aluminum framing. Sunrooms are versatile spaces. You’ll find many uses for yours and probably wonder how you’ve ever got along without one.

First of all, a sunroom is the perfect place to while away a lazy summer afternoon. Fill your sunroom with some indoor/outdoor cushy furniture, and you have the perfect place to settle in with a good book and an ice cold drink. Or, grab a pillow and stretch out on a chaise for an afternoon nap.

Sunrooms are also the perfect place for your children or grandchildren to play. Gather the craft supplies and Play-doh and set your kids up at a table for some low-key fun, or throw a blanket over the table to let the kids construct their own fort or castle.

Because a sunroom gets so much light, it’s a perfect place for a potted garden. Add some of your favorite plants to create a mini-garden oasis. You can easily move them outdoors for watering or to catch a few more rays from the sun.

What better place to celebrate the Memorial Day and July 4th festivities than a sunroom? Add some music or a TV to watch the Indy 500 and some celebratory snacks and you have the makings for a great party.

Finally, a sunroom is a wonderful place to enjoy the balmy breezes of a summer evening, because you can do it sans mosquitoes. Nothing spoils a beautiful evening faster than these biting bugs. You’ll be able to stay out as late as you want to, and you won’t need the sticky bug spray!

If you’d like to add a sunroom to your home, call in a general contractor to get an estimate and talk over your options. Whether you decide on a three-season or four-season sunroom, you’re sure to have lots of custom options and detailing to make it blend seamlessly into the rest of your house.

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