Add a Fence, Save Your Sanity

by J on April 16, 2010

As the outdoor spring and summer months approach, you may be thinking of ways to make your yard more functional and fun for your family. Many projects come to mind, such as installing a new patio or deck or adding a water feature to a flower garden. One project that might not seem quite as “romantic” as these but will definitely give you a little peace of mind is that of installing a fence.

People install fences for many different reasons. I can attest to that. Shortly after moving into my current home, I was working outside when I noticed that my 2 year-old-son and our dog had disappeared. I ran around the house, but they were nowhere to be found. Panicked, I ran up the bank down the path and found my son at the edge of a neighbor’s pond on his horse farm. My toddler had followed my dog over, and I caught him as he was running up to dunk his toes in the cool, inviting water. That weekend we installed a fence in our yard. If you have young children, having a fenced-in yard is almost a necessity.

Another reason people like fenced-in yards is to contain their pets. If your dog has worn out his welcome in the neighbors’ yards, you may want to consider fencing in your yard before your dog’s pic—and yours—appear on the most wanted list at the animal control’s office. Or, it might be that you’re tired of all the stray dogs wandering into your yard and trampling your gardens. If that’s the case, you may want to install a fence to protect your property.

People also like to add privacy fences. Perhaps you live in a subdivision where the homes are close together. Having a carpenter install a privacy fence gives you the chance to enjoy your backyard without feeling like your every move is being monitored.

Finally, if security is an issue, you may want to install a fence combined with an alarm system to protect your family from unwanted visitors or attention.

Depending upon your situation, a wealth of materials can be used today to make fences. Chain link, composite, lattice, ornamental, steel, vinyl, wire and wood are all popular choices for fencing. Contact a home improvement specialist to discuss your options and get a quote.

For all the projects you work on this summer, adding a fence may rank up there as the best stress reliever yet.

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