Spring Landscaping

by J on March 31, 2010

Sunshine, blooming spring flowers and the twitter of birds heralding the arrival of spring are all a welcome balm from this past winter’s storms. As you head outside to relish in the warmer temperatures, you may want to start on a few spring landscaping chores. Here are some outdoor tasks that will help spruce up your yard for the upcoming summer celebrations.

  • Help out our feathered friends. Spring is a busy time for the birds. Check any birdhouses you have and clean them out so that they are ready for the nesting season. Inspect your feeders for any winter damage and grime. Be sure to continue feeding the birds. Until we get a new growth of vegetation, their natural food supply is sparse.
  • Fix any tiles or stepping stones. Winter weather can cause these to become uneven or unstable. Make sure they are level and safe to walk on.
  • Clean up after Fido.  If you have a dog, you will probably want to form a “pooper scooper” brigade to clean up your yard in time for spring activities.
  • Mulch madness. Now is a good time to see how your mulch has weathered the winter storms. It should be at least two inches deep. Rake the mulch out evenly over your beds and replenish any bare spots with a new layer.
  • Finish pruning your deciduous trees and shrubs. If you have never been too comfortable with your pruning talents, you may want to call in a landscape design service to help with this chore.
  • Trim back the deadwood. Now is the time to trim back your dormant perennials from last summer. This s gives them plenty of room for new growth. Trim them back to almost ground level. You can also remove any deadwood and suckers from trees and shrubs.
  • Share the wealth. As your perennials are emerging from their winter nap, now is the time to dig and divide them. Organize a plant swap with your gardening friends to share your favorite—and most prolific—plants.
  • Clean the leaves out of your gutters and the bottom of any ponds.
  • Make sure your mower, tractor and tiller are serviced and ready for the busy spring and summer seasons. Locate all your gardening tools and clean, repair or replace as needed.

Getting a jump on  spring and summer will help you prepare for whatever outdoor celebrations you have coming up this year. If you find that you could use some professional help and advice about your yard, let the landscaping services work their magic, and you’ll be ready for outdoor entertaining in no time.

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