Custom Cabinetry

by J on March 31, 2010

Nothing gives a room an air of distinction quite like custom cabinets do. Designing a set of cabinets to exactly match your plan for a room allows your creativity to shine. Your cabinets will be a focal point for your room and an investment that will bring you years of service.


Homeowners add custom kitchen cabinets for many reasons. Sometimes owners will have their heart set on using an exotic wood they have purchased and will hire a cabinet maker to design and build a  set of cabinets to showcase the wood. Or perhaps a person wants several oddly sized or shaped cabinets. A professional will be able to build these according to the owner’s specifications.

Owners of historic homes will often find a cabinet maker to either add additional cabinets to match the existing cabinetry, or build a new set in the original style if the originals are not restorable.


A home office is a perfect place for custom cabinets. The designer is able to exactly tailor your cabinets to your business needs. Whether you are a seamstress, a writer, a salesperson or an artist, you will be able to have a layout that is a perfect match for your daily needs. If you stock inventory, your designer will be able to size the cabinets to best fit your product.

Family Room

If your family is into home entertaining, having a custom home entertainment center may be just what you need. Your professional designer can build the cabinets to contain your DVD collection and all your audio/visual equipment. Encasing it all in a beautiful cabinet with doors will enable you to close it up when it’s not in use for protection.


Perhaps your home has a small bedroom lacking in closet space; a custom armoire may be just the help the room needs. Besides adding much needed storage space, it can also be a beautiful focal point for the room. Or if you have a walk-in closet that’s not well organized, a designer can tailor a plan for cabinets and shelves to hold your clothing, shoes and accessories that will have you organized in no time.

You’ll find that your investment in custom cabinetry will increase your efficiency as well as grace your home with the natural beauty of master-crafted wood cabinets. With proper care, your custom cabinets should give you years of lasting service.

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