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by J on March 16, 2010

Most people recognize the importance of having a design plan for their home. A pleasing color palette and logical arrangement of the furniture makes for a welcoming place to entertain and to relax. Unfortunately, not as much thought and planning goes into office spaces where so many people spend a good portion of their days working—and where clients may come to purchase your products or services. If you run or own a business, let’s look at a few suggestions that may help improve your office atmosphere.

Organize your layout around the workflow of the office, your employees and your equipment. Locate your equipment in areas easily accessible to the employees who use it most frequently. Be sure to maintain the equipment and replace or repair malfunctioning equipment quickly so that you are not wasting valuable work time on constant equipment breakdowns.

Maintain a comfortable temperature for the majority of your employees. Don’t let the whims of the most vocal employee dictate the climate, or everyone else will be either freezing or sweating. According to, optimal worker productivity occurs when the indoor air temperature is between 70°F – 73°F.  Significant deviations from this range can even affect worker health. Also, where possible, allow for fresh air or at least circulate the air and use an air filter if the air quality is poor.

Buy the highest quality and most ergonomic furniture your budget allows. When your employees are comfortable, they will generally work more efficiently, and when your clients are comfortable, they will be more open to purchasing your products and services than if they are distracted by their uncomfortable surroundings.

It’s also important to develop a color scheme for your office that matches your business and is pleasing to your employees and clients. Consult a professional painting contractor to help you with your choices. A professional will take the time to study your building and the nature of your business to see what color palette would best enhance your environment.

For example, professional painters know that doctors offices should choose calm, soothing colors, while a pre-school may want to select bright, primary colors. Consulting with an expert will ensure that the color you end up with will be one that will complement, not detract from your business.

Following these simple suggestions will help you create a pleasing environment for both your employees and your clients, hopefully increasing both worker productivity and your sales.

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