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by J on February 12, 2010

It’s natural to think that warm weather will never arrive when we’re digging out from the latest snowstorm. But actually, winter is a good time to make some plans for the coming spring and summer. If you’re looking for a way to spiff up your landscaping this summer, adding a deck may be just what you need.

Besides just looking nice, decks make your home more appealing to potential homeowners if you are in the market to sell your house. During the warm months, a deck is an extension of your house and almost functions as another room. They are perfect for summer entertaining. Teens love to gather on decks, especially if you make them comfortable by having plenty of chairs and other seating available. Especially popular with this group are hammocks and hanging chairs.

As you are planning your deck, take into account how many people will be using it so you know how big to build it. Decide whether the deck will be at at an upper or lower level or both. Get some expert help in the planning, because there is usually code that needs to be followed during the construction. For example, in colder climates the code usually dictates that the support beams need to be sank to the proper depth below the freeze line for safety purposes. Professional deck builders will be able to help you with these important details, as well as be able to take into account your custom plans for the deck.

Consider what type of material you want to use to build the deck. Wood is always a popular choice and will need to be resealed and/or stained through the years. If you choose cedar, remember that it fades to a gray color as it ages. Another choice is to build a composite deck, which is made from a blend of plastic and wood and is designed to look like wood.

With the trend toward outdoor kitchens, you may want to consider having some of these options added to your deck. Outdoor kitchens may contain built-in grills, sinks, bars and refrigerators and are perfect for spring and summer entertaining.

If you have always wanted a vegetable garden but don’t have the time or the land to plant one, a deck is the perfect place to start a container garden. Seed companies even offer specific seeds and plants that are “miniatures” of the regular varieties and are designed to thrive in containers.

Planning a new deck may be a great way to pass the time on these cold winter nights. Contact a deck builder to discuss plans and ideas and to reserve your spot on his schedule at the start of the building season.

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