Concrete Driveways

by J on January 27, 2010

When most of us think of undertaking a home improvement project, we probably think of kitchen or bathroom remodels or finishing off a basement. The thought of adding a concrete driveway is most likely barely a blip on your radar screen. Well, it should be. For those of you with unpaved driveways, adding a concrete driveway can make a big difference in your daily lives, as well as in how your home shows when it comes time to sell it.

Still unconvinced? Let’s consider a few points. First of all, the dust and dirt from unpaved driveways always end up on your house and in your house. Whenever the wind kicks up, the dust from the driveway is blown against your house and through any open windows and nooks and crannies to settle in a fine film all over your furniture and floor. Children, adults and pets track it in on their feet. In rainy weather that dust and dirt turn into mud and puddles, which become an even bigger mess.

Additionally, in the winter, concrete driveways are easier to shovel than ones that aren’t. You’ll no longer be adding ruts to your driveway with your heavy-duty snow shovel, and you won’t be scooping up rocks and pebbles with every shovel of snow, which your mower will happily disperse over your lawn next spring.

Next, a concrete driveway is just a little safer than an unpaved one. Ruts, potholes and loose stones can lead to turned ankles, especially for the elderly. They’re not too easy to navigate in heels either.

Finally—and you’ll have to trust me on this one, it’s really true—adding a concrete driveway is like adding a playground for your children. Suddenly your younger children have a place to ride their Big Wheels, trikes and training-wheel bikes. Roller skating is an option, and big sister can finally twirl her jump rope without pelting everyone with pebbles and small clouds of dust. Break out the sidewalk chalk and be prepared for new masterpieces from your little Picassos to adorn your driveway. And let’s not forget that you now have a decent court for basketball.

So think twice about your next home improvement project. Talk to a concrete contractor for an estimate on paving your driveway. It will be money well spent.

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