Add a Kitchen Pantry

by J on December 22, 2009

Kitchen storage space is often at a premium in many houses, especially if your home is older and was designed without the modern storage solutions that most new homes are built with. If you find that your cupboards are overflowing and you’re dodging falling cans when you open the doors, you may want to consider adding a pantry to your kitchen.

Years ago pantries were originally used to store food for the winter season. Women would can the bounty from the summer’s garden harvest and store it in the pantry to help tide them over through the winter months.

Today’s pantries can be almost any variation of this idea. Some homes still have a separate room for the pantry, while others have a pantry cabinet. Pantries can be either assimilated into the existing cabinetry or be a free-standing unit. Which type you choose depends upon your available space, your budget and your storage needs.

Free-standing units can be found in home improvement stores and are a relatively inexpensive solution to your storage problems. You just need to have the empty space to set the pantry into. Often times some assembly is required, but after a quick set up, you’re ready to go.

Another solution is a pantry which is installed in line with your other cabinets. You could tear out a cabinet and install a much more efficient pantry cabinet in its space. Or some homes have a half wall that separates the kitchen and dining areas. A clever way to make this space useable is by having a home improvement expert install a pantry into the wall. Usually the cabinets in these pantries are about 24 inches deep and include pull out drawers to store canned or packaged goods in.

Another pantry option is to have an entire room dedicated to this space. Perhaps you can appropriate the space from a little-used closet on the other side of the wall, knocking though the wall and incorporating that space into the kitchen. Consult with a kitchen remodeling specialist to see if this is an option for your kitchen layout.

If you’re lucky enough to have this much room for the pantry, your design possibilities are endless. These type of pantries often have floor to ceiling shelving with plenty of space to customize according to your needs. Some pantries are becoming quite elaborate, even including microwaves, wine coolers, warming ovens and refrigerators. If you like to entertain and often host large parties, this type of pantry will make entertaining much easier.

Overall, installing a pantry can ease the storage quandary many homeowners find themselves battling on a daily basis. The new extra space will help keep you organized and efficient in the kitchen.

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