Ceramic Tile Kitchen Flooring

by J on November 30, 2009

Is your kitchen floor showing its years of service? If you’re considering replacing your flooring, you may want to think about ceramic tile. A popular choice, tile breathes charm and life into a room with its myriad of colors and patterns and is a cinch to coordinate with your décor.

While it is not considered an upscale flooring, ceramic tile is hard to beat because it can be an economical choice, but it still presents a stunning look. On the con side, chips and scratches can remove the colored glaze in the tile, and the tiles can be difficult to repair. Overall, however, the good points outweigh the bad.

On the plus side, ceramic tile is water-proof and stain-proof. It is durable, long-lasting and wear-resistant. Generally ceramic tile is easy to maintain. Just keep it swept, and clean it with hot water or hot water and a mild detergent. Additionally, the tiles are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors.

Most of the tiles are square, but you can also find ceramic tile in hexagons, rectangles and octagons. This versatility lets you create interesting shapes and patterns. Combine this with the multitude of colors available, and you have the basis to create a one-of-a kind floor. Certain tiles can also be painted for further creativity.

Again, choice is the rule when it comes to deciding upon a size of tile.  For flooring, 12 x 12 inch tiles are the most popular for your home improvement project, but 18 x18 inch and 24 x 24 inch tiles are also being used in the kitchen. Much smaller sizes are available, too, with the tiniest (1 x 1) often being mixed within the larger tiles to create beautiful mosaic patterns.

One note to keep in mind is that unless you want to seal your tile, make sure you purchase glazed tile. The glaze is applied after the tile is fired in a kiln, and the glaze is what gives the tile its color. If you notice a difference in the surface of different glazed tiles, it’s because the glaze can be applied as a high-gloss, a semi-gloss, a matte or as a rougher non-slip gloss. Realize, however, that the glaze is just on the surface of the tile.

Overall, ceramic tile makes an excellent, economical choice for your kitchen remodeling project. With a little planning and time, your kitchen floor will be the focal point of your kitchen.

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