Electrical Home Improvements

by J on October 31, 2009

When we flip a light switch or turn on the big screen TV, we take it for granted that they will work. These commonplace things seem to be just that until we want to make a change. Whether your home needs an update to bring it up to code or you have an outlet that’s not working, electrical work is an important part of home improvements.

For example, during a kitchen remodel you may decide that your present lighting layout isn’t working for you. If you want to install track lighting, add some task lighting or go for a special accent or decorative lighting, a rewire may be in order. Similarly, if your living room seems a bit dim, you may want to move or add an electrical recept to accommodate more lighting.

If you’re looking at remodeling a room into a home office, you will probably need to add extra recepts for computers, fax machines, telephones, routers and other office equipment. Always use a surge suppression power strip to protect this expensive equipment. As a side note, if you notice that a circuit breaker keeps tripping, have your electrical expert check this out.

One home improvement project requiring some special electrical attention is ceiling fan installation. Homeowners love these because of the cooling comfort they infuse through a room, but they can be a bit tricky to install. Ceiling fans require a heavy-duty electrical box that can support the weight of the fan. It must be mounted correctly in the rafters so that the vibrations from the rotating blades don’t cause it to actually shake out of the ceiling.

Of course if you’re adding an addition to your home like a garage, workshop or a home entertainment room, electrical expert help is a necessity. Be sure your home remodeling expert knows exactly what tools, machines and entertainment equipment you will be using. Especially if you’re adding a workshop that is a distance from your house, you will most likely need to add an additional electrical box and wiring that can handle the electrical load you will be pulling; your expert will also be sure that the new wiring meets the state code. Swimming pools and hot tubs can require special consideration too.

Calling in the experts for electrical home improvements will make sure that you have the power and lighting you need and most importantly, that you and your family are safe in the process!

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