Kitchen Remodel and Wallpaper Art

by J on October 27, 2009

If the thought of wallpaper has you envisioning garish floral patterns or candy cane stripes, you probably haven’t considered it as a choice for a wall treatment in your kitchen remodel. Well, you need to think again. The wallpaper of today has come a long way from what we not so fondly recall from childhood.  Modern wall coverings resemble works of art.

First of all, adding texture to a room is a goal of some designers. Donghia Textiles offers a wall covering called Maestro Walls,which features yarn-dyed linen wall coverings made from Belgian linen. This option gives your walls (or ceilings or cabinets) a rich, upholstered look. His Patina Collection is based on the textures and colors of grasscloth, raffia, hemp and silk. These designer options will give your kitchen remodel a one-of-a-kind look.

Graham & Brown is another designer offering many unique wall treatments. For an irresistible look, consider a digital mural. These eye-catching, room-sized murals come in a series of panels to make for an easier installation. Offerings include flowers, water and beach scenes, all in a stunning presentation; your room will sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

If you would like to try your hand at designing your own wallpaper for your kitchen renovation, well, now you can. The Wall Collection offers the option for individuals to create their own wall treatments. You simply upload your image or graphic, enter what size you want the wallpaper to be and pay. The Wall Collection does the rest and ships your final product to your home. You will have a truly one-of-a-kind design. If you are not so creatively inclined, Wall Collection also offers a gallery of images and graphics from international artists, so you can still have professional art on your walls.

With the trend toward wall coverings functioning as art, the rest of the décor in the kitchen should be minimal because the wallpaper is the focus of the room. Particularly if your pattern is large or busy, choose only a few small articles to accent the kitchen.

To help you professionally install your artistic wall coverings in your kitchen, consult your local kitchen design firm. They will be able to assist you in whatever stage you are of your remodel—from choosing a wallpaper to hanging one you have already decided upon.

With these exciting new choices of art work for the kitchen, there’s no fear of revisiting the ’70s wallpaper look ever again. Your kitchen will instead inspire you and your visitors for years to come.

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