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by J on October 22, 2009

If your singing in the shower doesn’t sound quite so sweet anymore, maybe it’s time to add a few luxury items to your tub or shower. Swapping out your old showerhead for one of the new ones on the market is a great start. It won’t take much to convince you after looking at the ingenious designs of these new fixtures.

For the go-all-out types, Kohler offers a waterfall in its BodySpa line. The waterfall boasts hydro-massage and chromatherapy lighting and gives a deep massage to your neck and shoulders. This kit is pricey and a bit involved to install. You’ll need to purchase a drain, faucet, pump kit and a waterfall for the installation.

If you’ve always dream of designing your own shower system and have a large budget to boot, several manufacturers, such as Kohler and Grohe, now give you that choice. You decide how many showerheads and body sprayers (sprayers that are aimed below the neck and are mounted on the shower wall) you want. Kohler offers body sprayers which contain anywhere from 22- to 54-nozzle body sprays and a 54-nozzle showerhead.  If that doesn’t seem like quite enough water or drama for you, check out Ondine Electric Light System.  The water cascades down like a rain shower through 270 sprays and lets light through in a choice of colors—white, yellow, green and blue. A remote lets you control water temperature and sprays.

For those who enjoy a steam bath, check out the WaterpikSPA-301. This can help turn your bathroom into your own private steam spa. It contains a shower panel with two misting sprays, which simulate a steam bath, and variable speeds on the showerheads; the showerheads are a mixture of fixed and handheld devices.

For those on a tighter budget or just wanting to conserve water, a single showerhead can still come loaded with options. Rohl offers a single function showerhead with a nice deluge of water and self-cleaning elastomeric nozzle inserts to allow for easy removal of hard water build up. For only about $30, Waterpik’s Flexible Shower Massage allows you to move the 15-inch flexible arm where you want. It has six spray setting options that can deliver up to 2,800 massaging pulses per minute.

Perhaps as you are preparing to install your new showerhead, you’ve noticed that your tub or shower is looking a bit dingy. A tub refinishing may be a good idea to spiff up the whole area. It’s a quick fix and much more economical than a new tub or shower.

 Before long your new spa-like bathroom update and your gleaming shower or bathtub refinishing job will have you happily singing a sweet note in the shower!

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